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WILO pumps for the Massai

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13 September 2011
The problem of water shortage in Africa will soon be solved for around 2,000 people in North Tanzania. This has been made possible thanks to the generous donation of two water pumps by the Dortmund-based company WILO SE. Peter Loeser, the Wilo representative for the North Bavaria region, came to Ochsenfurt on the 9th of August 2011 to present both pumps to the organiser of the "Water for the Massai" project, Burkhard Freitag.
"This is like a dream come true for me", Freitag said happily during the presentation. The delivery of the pumps represents a significant milestone in the assistance being provided to the water-starved population of the small village of Loltepes, which is located 120 kilometres south of the provincial capital of Arusha. For the past five years, the employee from the public utility institution in Ochsenfurt has dedicated his free time to organising and supporting the construction of the water supply system in Africa. "These pumps guarantee a sufficient water supply within a 30 kilometre radius", Freitag explains. In the meantime it has been possible to open a school and a nursery in the area.

"As a company that is intent on providing sustainability, we are very happy to be involved in Burkhard Freitag's relief project", Peter Loeser emphasises.
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