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Dualmix Premixing Kit by Valtec

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24 August 2011

Dualmix Premixing Kit, released by Valtec company, designed for combination of two types of heating – high-temperature (radiator hot-water heating) and low-temperature (underfloor heating).
Dualmix Premixing Kit for  underfloor heating systems, which meant for constant temperature of heat carrier, works on the principle of combined control. Temperature of heat carrier is varied in the range from + 20 to +60 °С, the control is carried out using automatic thermostatic head  with remote capillary sensor. Remote sensor of thermostatic head measures the temperature, and the rate of opening of three-way thermostatic valve settles accordingly. When the thermostatic valve is open, the high-temperature heat carrier can pass to  upper collector and to mix with heat carrier from the return line of  underfloor heating circuit. To achieve the desired temperature of heat carrier, the temperature of mixed heat carrier  delivered to lower collector (to underfloor heating circuit), is measured by sensor, which controls the thermostatic valve and  controls the heat carrier addition.
System operating pressure is 10 atm, maximum temperature of heat carrier in high-temperature circuit is 120 ˚С

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