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MVC80 – new controller for individual/central heating units

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12 April 2012
Since May 2012 Honeywell presents a new controller series MVC80 intended for controlling of Individual / central heating units.
Controller MVC80-DH10 version 1.0 is able to manage one, two or three circuits in the
individual heating units (heating + hot water). However, the controller supports management of 2 pumps in the circuit with automatic rotation by hours of use or at a fixed time and day of the week, as well as feed circuit to maintain the pressure in the secondary side of the heating circuit. The algorithms of the controller MVC80-DH10 account the specifics of Russia's unconditional return water temperature limitation.
The controller is equipped with a series of MVC80 greater contrast LCD display with backlight, which displays easy to read Russian text and special characters. Convenient, intuitive local user interface - a pledge quick setup and commissioning.
Controller also supports communication via C-Bus which allows to dispatch its through
CentraLine software and hardware by Honeywell.
Honeywell intelligent energy manager MVC optimises all components across different platforms by co-ordinating them flexibly with one another as required. With intelligent interpretation of efficiency Honeywell offers the OEM customers real advantages when it comes to ease of handling such as installation without tools, compact design for standard fuse boxes and simple terminal installation with colour coding. To ensure the rapid availability of specific control solutions, MVC also uses a highly flexible software tool.
With a range of MVC models, Honeywell has the right solution for every application. Different input and display options can be implemented directly on the device to suit the specific application. The compact design, quick and easy installation and ability to program all device models with comprehensive Honeywell software means not only less effort, but also more efficient warehousing and ordering for our OEM customers.
The MVC housing is suitable for any installation situation. Installation is made easy thanks to a sophisticated fastening system and attractive plug-in housing panels that help you to work quickly, flexibly and efficiently.
Multivalent solutions operate in a highly innovative environment, which means that additions and modifications to applications need to be implemented quickly.
Thanks to the freely programmable MVC application software, customers can get their own specific control solution in no time at all.
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