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Third generation of the Multi V Series

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29 November 2011
In 2011 LG Electronics presented Multi V III Series air conditioning. Designed for large-scale facilities, such as commercial office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools, the Multi V III is a variable refrigerant flow (VRF) commercial air conditioning system. The third generation of the Multi V Series uses VRF technology that enables improved energy efficiency by allowing occupants to choose whether to air condition or heat only the zones in use. According to the manufacturer, it offers lower lifecycle costs than traditional HVAC systems on the market today, and allows building designers to save energy.

The inverter scroll is a new high-side shell innovation that offers a more compact size for the same capacity output with greater reliability in cold climates. The Rapid Start Cooling is a fast-response cooling or heating feature that reaches room set point temperatures 40 percent faster than previous LG systems, says the company. The high-side shell compressor, enhanced coil optimization, and a double-spiral subcooler result in verified efficiency improvements for new national energy codes.
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