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Kentatsu multizone systems

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25 April 2012
KTRY_HZAN3 is a new series of outdoor air-conditioning units mini DX PRO III rated at 12 kW, 14 kW and 16 kW suitable for houses, apartments, small restaurants, shops and other small business premises.
New blocks have a number of features and improvements over previous models of the series, they have become more energy efficient. Thus, the new models use a new high-efficiency inverter compressor is a rotary type. The new DC-fan motor of outdoor unit has a greater range of regulation and better efficiency. In addition, the new design of the outdoor unit fan allowed to increase air flow by 10%, and still managed to reduce the noise level.
The system can operate in ultra-quiet night operation, which is important for residential buildings (eg houses).
Also, heat exchangers have been finalized, so that their effectiveness is increased by 10%. In addition, the capacitor has a special protective coating that increases the duration of its operation 3 times.
Мультизональные системы Kentatsu mini DX PRO III: для малого бизнеса и коттеджей
In addition, the unit has low starting load on the grid.
It should be noted flexibility in system design mini DX PRO III. The distance from the outer to the inner block may reach 45 m height difference between indoor and outdoor unit - up to 30 m, and between adjacent indoor units - 8 pm The maximum total length of the route is 100 m
The wide operating range of a series of blocks of mini DX PRO III allows you to use the system in various climatic conditions and in fact all seasons. Units can operate at ambient temperature from -15 to +48 ° C in cooling mode and from -15 to +27 ° C during the heating of premises.
Blocks of a new series of work on the ozone-friendly refrigerant R410A.
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