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Mobile air conditioner MarcoPolo

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18 April 2012
For those who are frequently moved from place to place and likes to spend a lot of time in the country, but everywhere and always uses to surround himrself with comfort, Zanussi offers the latest series of functional mobile air conditioners MarcoPolowhich main features are ease of operation and compactness.
The absolute mobility, adaptability and flexibility - these are the benefits of air conditioners Zanussi, named after the famous Italian traveler. This technique is for those who are on the move, but do not imagine their lives without comfort.
To date, MarcoPolo-the most compact of all air conditioners Zanussi, which easily and seamlessly fits even in the small room. He does not need to install, easy to move from place to place and also extremely easy to maintain. The device is equipped with legs with castors, through which it can be easily moved from room to room or transported from one apartment to another.
However, he compares favorably with full technical equipment and the optimal set of functions: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation. Air conditioning will follow you wherever necessary to cool the room, whether it is a flat, house or office. Want to get rid of excess moisture? Technique Zanussis easily cope with this task. Working in the dry mode, the conditioner will eliminate excess moisture in the room, including in cases where the level of total moisture in a room higher than recommended for health. Need to ventilate the room? Is not a problem: when you select the ventilation device uniformly distribute the air throughout the room.
Air conditioning is provided with informative LED-display, which reflects the specified operating parameters. Thanks to a special timer can be programmed the automatic switching on and off all the selected modes.
In addition, the device is equipped with an automatic condensate evaporation. Condensate drain with built-in pump is fed to a heat exchanger and through additional evaporation significantly increases the efficiency of the air conditioner in cooling mode.
In accordance with the latest trends in the European market of air conditioners model works on eco-friendly ozone-friendly R410A freon and corresponds to the energy efficiency class "A".
Besides the mobile air conditioner is equipped with a convenient remote control with backlight.
The warranty on the new product from Zanussi is 3 years.
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