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Portable SAKURA Air Conditioner

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09 September 2011
The main advantage of the portable air conditioners is the absence of the installation necessity and the possibility of use in any room just after the purchase. 
Their usage simplicity and ease of handling, mobility, class A energy efficiency and low price make these products indispensable during the whole summer.
The queue for the installation of the usual split air conditioner could last one or two weeks in high season.
If you compare a usual and a portable air conditioner the latter is operating louder but you must pay more for a usual conditioner which should be mounted. Besides the neighbors could be displeased by the noise during the installation process.
Portable Air Conditioner is a quick and an effective solution for an immediate usage when the heat becomes too excruciating. It is convenient for operation in a country house, in a rented flat or a small office, also when the repairs are not planned in the nearest future or you plan moving. Your portable air conditioner will accompany you everywhere.
Air conditioners have a LCD display and a remote control possibility. They could operate both for heating and cooling. Portable SACURA air conditioners SAC-09CHPA /CQ  and  SAC-12CHPA/CQ cost 14.200 and 16.100 Russian roubles, respectively.
Portable SACURA air conditioners could be purchased in the 'Fifth Season' shops.
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