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MIV V4+ Heat Pump

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24 July 2012

MIV V4 + Heat Pump is a modular two-pipe system that can operate both for cooling and for heating, ideal for air conditioning of large facilities such as office buildings or shopping malls.

The range of outdoor units MVUH-VA3 has capacities of 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 HP (25.2, 28, 33.5, 40, 45 kW). Basic units can be combined up to the total capacity 64 HP (180 kW), this single system that can support up to 64 indoor units.

Indoor units which could be connected to the outdoor unit are ranging from 2.8 to 28 kW and are represented with the following types: single flow cassette, double flow cassette, four flow small cassette (600x600), four flow cassette, low-pressure channel, middle-pressure channel, high-pressure channel, floor, ceiling, wall and console units. In addition, the outdoor units can operate ventilation systems with heat recovery (HRV), and with the help of a special module can be connected to the evaporator of the central air conditioners (AHU).


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