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Mitsubishi makes inverter technology more accessible

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04 April 2012
The range of household inverters MHI was enlarged with a new series of split systems. SRK-QA-S (Standard Inverter) is the most accessible series of DC-AC inverter in the line of MHI-2012, which is probably the best "price and quality" offer of the Russian climatic market.
SRK-QA-S are produced in our own factory of Japanese corporations Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Jinling Air-Conditioners Company., Ltd. (MJA). They are designed to serve small spaces ranging from 15 to 35 square meters. They are characterized by high reliability, low noise and high efficiency (Class "A"). The new series includes additional features: night-time operation mode, saving energy, high-power mode for rapid cooling of the room, as well as the horizontal blinds tilt adjustment with remote control and manual adjustment of the vertical blinds. The reusable air filter made of special anti-bacterial material to prevent the development of mold and bacteria on its surface is built in the air conditioner. The indoor unit has a modern design, the body is made from high quality plastic of the exclusive pearl white color.
The official distributor of MHI in Russia is the company "Biokond." Websites of the company:,
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