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«Climate World – 2012»: Business program

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13 March 2012
The organizers of the Exhibition are: the Russian biggest trade association in the field of HVAC & R - Association of Professional Companies in Industry of Climate (APIC) and the Exhibition Company "Euroexpo". The Exhibition "Climate World" is not only a demonstration of the technical innovations in the industry; it is also a place to assess the results of the season, to discuss the ways to meet current challenges and to make plans for the nearest future. Now the main concerns of the industry are the phasing out of refrigerant R-22, energy efficiency of engineering systems, the possible imposition of customs duty on air conditioners, the beginning of a real work of non-commercial self-regulated organizations. And of course, there exist the "eternal" questions: "What will be the weather in the new season?" and "When will the new round of crisis begin?"

Working activity within the Business Program of "World Climate - 2012" will begin immediately after the exhibition is opened. Traditionally, top managers and leading experts of the biggest companies of the HVAC&R industry would submit their addresses and reports.

March, 12-13. The first meetings of the IV International Congress “Engineering methods to reduce energy consumption of buildings” will be held within the Exhibition Program. Organizers are ABOK Northwest and APIC.

In 2012 the Congress will reach a new level. The events of the Business Program will be held in different cities of Russia. Opening procedure of the Congress and the first meeting will be held in Moscow as a part of our Exhibition. Congress will continue its work in May in Orenburg and in September in Ekaterinburg. The final meeting of the Congress will be held as usual in St. Petersburg in November.

Congress is the most important place for interchange of experience and mutual contacts between the industry and government representatives. Results of the discussions and reports would be included into the resolution of the Congress, and later would form the basis for the regulatory and legislative activities in the field of energy saving and energy efficiency.

At the specialized sections of the Congress would take part the leading experts of the industry, who have developed dozens of the most successful projects in Russia, engineers who have implemented those projects into practice, and the state officials. They would discuss the issues of reduction of energy consumption in all spheres of industrial and urban development, the introduction of instrumental methods of accounting, control and audit of energy consumption, as well as introduction of the green methods of design and of construction.

Congress is to be opened March 12. After a plenary session, the experts will continue their work at the different sections.
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