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Microclimate for wine

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28 July 2011

MDV Midea Holding Co., Ltd. produces special cabinets for the correct storage of fine wines. This high-tech equipment can save the drink, its bouquet and flavor or prepare a bottle to serve up by, providing it the right temperature.

GC "Ayak" presents two MDV cabinets models. The compact model HSi-90WEN is designed for 23 bottles and has a 69 liter chamber volume. Cabinet HSi-163WEN. BI is designed for 45 bottles and has a 125 liter chamber volume and two separate zones for different temperatures so that two different kinds of wine could be kept in a single cabinet.

There is a function of monitoring and maintaining the temperature in both models. Shells are made of painted steel, there is a glass door and a backlight too. The compressor is monophase 220V. Wine cabinets are running with ozone-friendly refrigerants R600a.

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