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Midea Neola

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11 April 2012
Daichi presents new compact air conditioners Midea Neola, stylish modern devices that create comfortable microclimate.
Indoor units Neola could be divided into three categories:

standard blocks MS11D-HRN1;
energy-efficient inverter units MS11D-HRDN1 designed for split-systems;
inverter units MS11DI-HRDN1 designed for use in multisplit technologies.

Midea Neola: комфорт и cовременный дизайн
Consumers will appreciate the modern design and a new level of performance of air conditioners. Milky-white body is made of high quality plastic. Smooth body lines reflect the most current trends in industrial design.
The front panel contains a user-friendly information display that shows the parameters of the air conditioner. Midea Neola is controlled by the original remote control with big round illuminated keys. They are user-friendly for consumers of all ages.
Cooling capacity of the Neola systems R410A on-off (MS11D-HRN1) lies in the range from 2.1 to 7 kW, and cooling capacity of Neola R410A DC inverter (MS11D (I)-HRDN1) systems - from 2.6 to 5 kW. Capacity in the heating mode is between 2.1 and 7.3 kW.
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