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Square duct fans Systemair MUB-T

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22 August 2012

All MUB/T fans have impellers with backward curved blades, manufactured from aluminium, and IEC standard motors outside the air stream with efficiency class IE2 for all 400V three phase motors from 0.75 kW. Motor protection by cold conductors or thermal contact, to be connected to an external motor protection device. All MUB/T-EC models have one potential-free terminal for error message. All motors are suitable to be used for 50/60Hz. The input voltage for single phase units can vary between 200 and 277V. Speed control by a 0-10V signal. Every motor has an output voltage of 10V for an external potentiometer or sensor. All MUB/T-EC fans have impellers with backward curved blades, manufactured from aluminium. The MUB/T-EC fans are suitable for medium temperatures up to 120°C continuously. The casing consists of an aluminium frame with fibreglass reinforced plastic corners and double skin, galvanised steel panels with a 20 mm mineral wool insulation. Panels are removable, allowing flexible ventilation solutions - the air direction can easily be changed. With quick lock access door. The MUB/T-EC bottom panel is shaped as a grease tray and incorporates a pre-mounted 1" drain plug. An isolator switch is mounted on the casing.

• EC-motors, high level of efficiency
• 100% speed controllable
• Up to 120°C medium temperature, continuous operation
• Multi-functional use, e.g. for kitchen exhaust air
• Modular system
• Pre-assembled isolator is standard
• Low sound level
• Easy to maintain and reliable
• Motor outside the air stream
• Integrated motor protection

EC technology is intelligent technology; using integral electronic control which eliminates the slip losses in the motor and ensures that the motor always runs at optimal load and guarantees that the proportion of energy utilized effectively is many times higher and the energy usage considerably lower compared with AC motors. EC fans are notable for their economical use of energy and excellent ease of control. They can be varied in speed to match the airflow demand, and operate at high efficiency levels. For the same air volume, they consume distinctly less energy than AC fan drives. Another special feature of EC fans is their energy-saving potential not only at full load, but especially at part-load. When operating at part load, the energy used is much lower than with an asynchronous motor of equivalent output. Reduced energy usage guarantees a drop in operating costs. The power electronics are integrated in the motor housing.

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