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Baxi Fourtech

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29 September 2011

Baxi announces the delivery start of a new wall-hung boiler series Fourtech in Russia. These boilers are manufactured in Italy in the plant BAXI S.p.A.

Fourtech is the new Baxi boiler distinguished by ultra compact dimensions (730x400x299), easy installation and easiness of use. Fourtech is available in a wide range of models fanned flue or open flue, combi or heating only with an output up to 24 kW.

• Digital control panel with wide LCD display
• Compact hydraulic group with 3 way electric valve
• Connection to Baxi integrated solar systems option
• Full anti-frost device
• Easy maintenance: frontal access to all components
• 3 way electric valve on the CH return circuit to protect the
boiler from temperature shocks
• Extractable filter on the CH return circuit to protect the
primary exchanger from impurities
• Connection to an indirect cylinder option (Heating only
models). The cylinder temperature can be regulated directly
on the boiler’s control panel.
• The boiler is designed for Russian conditions and continue stable operation by the low gas pressure 5 mbar.

Retail prices in Russia:

FOURTECH 24 F - 868 Euro
FOURTECH 24 - 808 Euro

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