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EVCO controllers

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09 August 2011
EVCO presents six new controllers: c-pro 3 hecto, c-pro 3 mega, c-pro 3 NODE mega.
The main functions:
• integration into complex networks and systems BMS (Building Management System) with new additional gateway SLOT NODE supporting the most promising and popular communications protocols in the market;
 • an opportunity to provide a significant amount of visual information and the ease of configuring the controller has appeared thanks to a new operator interface with integrated LCD-display;
 • in the new models the memory span is significantly increased;
 • software development has become even easier and faster thanks to the use of libraries of functional blocks available in the new version of UNI-PRO 3.0;
• six new programmable controllers c-pro offer the most optimized and comprehensive capabilities to the manufacturers and installers
 • management of air conditioning and refrigeration system solutions.
Controllers are delivered to the Russian market by "Control Systems".
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