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LOYTEC’s L-DALI CEA-709 DALI Controller

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17 April 2012
For the third time in succession LOYTEC is awarded “Infrastructure Product of the Year“ at the annual LonMark International “Best of the Year“ awards. As prizewinning device of the year 2011 LOYTEC’s L-DALI CEA-709 DALI Controller convinced the jury of this renowned contest. Product nominations from around the world were encouraged. LonMark International recognizes companies and projects that are leading the industry in innovation and accomplishments through its annual LonMark award program, believing that innovation and inspiration are the cornerstones of continued growth for any industry. Nominations were judged based upon the following criteria: Uniqueness of solution, addressing an industry problem with an effective solution, openness of solution and integration into an open LonMark system. Special consideration was given to energy efficiency, best practice solution for the industry and sustainable design principles.
L-DALI controllers seamlessly integrate DALI lighting solutions in LonMark systems using TP/FT-10 or Ethernet/IP (IP-852) channels. DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is part of the IEC 60929 standard. It is used to dim and switch luminaires from most of the leading European manufacturers. DALI also supports devices like multisensors(e.g. for brightness, movement, temperature, etc.)and intelligent switches.
The product range of L-DALI controllers for LonMark systems support 1, 2 or 4 independent DALI channels. Up to 64 DALI luminaires can be controlled or monitored individually or by up to 16 groups per channel. All luminaires are monitored for defective lamps. L-DALI can provide this information to the Building Management System (BMS) through its CEA-709 interface. On the CEA-709 side, L-DALI supports Ethernet/IP (IP-852) or TP/FT-10. LDALI-3E101, LDALI-3E102 and 3E104-LDALI Controller are as well gateways connecting DALI networks to CEA-709 networks.
The L-DALI controller represents a DALI-Master in the DALI network. In the CEA-709 network L-DALI provides an NV-Interface. Ballasts and other DALI devices can be addressed via the provided network variables.
You can find LOYTEC equipment on the website or by the Arctica specialists per telephone (495) 981-15-15.


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