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Conference 'Spirax Sarco Engineering' results

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22 February 2012
In February 17, 2012 the conference "Spirax Sarco Engineering" took place which was dedicated to the development of the company, the new engineering developments and improvement of customer service. Employees from 22 cities where Spirax Sarco Russia was currently represented arrived at company's headquarters in St. Petersburg to participate in the conference.
The company is in Russia since 1995 and is well known in the industrial environment as an expert in the field of efficiency increasing of steam condensate systems. Spirax Sarco was able to achieve this reputation due to an integrated approach to the tasks, a wide range of services and active educational activities.

During the conference the changing needs of the Russian market were discussed. Energy conservation and efficiency increase of the Russian industry is payed much more attention today than it was 15 years ago. Complex energy-saving projects and a qualitatively different approach to the operation of steam systems - this is the way Spirax Sarco leadership sees the future of the Russian industry. The company is already actively developing its service areas to anticipate the increasing demands of the market.
Thus, in 2012 the company is planning to focus on energy service (complex services on development and implementation of energy conservation projects), to develop the service department which offers the opportunity of steam system control outsourcing and to expand the range of engineering systems which could save customers time and money. Fundamental problem for 2012 was mentioned during the conference. They were the expansion of training programs for the clients and opening of a new training center in St. Petersburg.
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