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11 March 2012
The governor of the Krasnoyarsk Region visited the production lines of the new plant and got acquainted with the technology of manufacture of metering devices. Head of the region interested in the possibility of "smart" meters, capacity of the plant, as well as staff wages and profitability.
As the CEO of the Krasnoyarsk regional energy company Kuzichev Basil (the company owns the company, "MIS"), the company has the exclusive right to manufacture and sale of meters under license from the European leader in the field of development for intelligent networks - companies Sagemcom. The plant will operate more than one hundred people, and capabilities of the new company will produce up to 300,000 smart meters a year.
"With such possibilities in the production of ROI can occur within a year and a half - said Vasily Kuzichev. - Products of the plant is already interested in the regional and federal governments, municipal leaders, as well as marketing and management companies. "
Plans for the company based on the capabilities of technology SmartMetering, which are produced by the counters. It allows you to remotely read, use the multi-rate, and allows subscribers to manage power consumption modes. Among the advantages of "smart" metering developers call them the ability to smoothly transfer the data on power transmission lines, resistance to outside interference by malicious users, and the ability to unite into a single "smart" network (SmartGrid).
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