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UFO Infra-red Heating Systems

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07 October 2011
UFO company, USA heater manufacturer, presents a new product for a long-wave infrared heating of  residential premises.
UFO Infra-red Heating Systems unlike all other systems the heating moves from upwards to downwards. The system is exclusively directed to the area needed to be heated. In 27 seconds after the heater is switched on, it attains its full performance. This helps operating cost go down. The thermostat adjustment brings an additional saving.
Compared with traditional heating systems, UFO heaters are up to 80% more efficient. They reach their highest temperature in a mere 27 seconds, in which 94% of the energy used by the heater is converted into heat by infrared luminescence. They have a filament life of up to 9,000 hours and offer a wide range of models ranging from 1,500 watts and 3,000 watts. UFO heaters are available with unique features such as a remote control, timer, safety shut-off, and many more.
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