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Grundfos concentrates on BRIC countries

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13 March 2012
Never before has Grundfos sold so many pumps as in 2011 and the pump giant is once more able to present a very fine annual account with reasonable growth and a very satisfactory profit.

- The sales development was precisely as budgeted with an 8 percent growth and we are very pleased that we can help even more people fulfil their basic requirements for water and comfort. One of the reasons why we are able to generate such a large growth even in hard times is that we succeed in our focus on green and sustainable solutions. However, the total 2011 result derives in particular from dedicated efforts throughout the Group, said a very satisfied Group President, Carsten Bjerg.

A large number of West European markets are somewhat stagnant at the moment and so Grundfos is expanding turnover in other markets.

- We anticipate a lower growth level in the European market for a number of years to come, so here our challenge will be creating growth even without help from a growing market. We are not afraid to do this and we invest in this. We are also pleased that we managed to globalise our business in time and that we have already established our business with strong positions in those parts of the world where economic growth will concentrate in the coming years. These areas are the BRIC countries but also countries like Turkey, Ukraine, Thailand, Vietnam and South Africa as well as the countries in the Middle East, the Group President explained.
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