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GREE to become the chiller market leader

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08 August 2012

GREE company won a leading position among the manufacturers of residential and semi industrial air conditioners, but also made important discoveries in the field of chillers. Increased requirements for energy efficiency for industrial enterprises has led to an acceleration of market growth of centrifugal chillers in China. The leading Chinese manufacturers of HVAC equipment have entered the chillers market and pushed aside previously dominated American companies.
The main reason for the growth of production of chillers is the necessity to meet the increasing needs for energy conservation in the construction industry in China. A number of public buildings in cities has increased considerably, and it led to a sharp increase in electricity consumption. That is why energy efficiency of air conditioning systems is very important in the construction of such buildings and to the national energy strategy as a whole. In this area chillers are essential equipment for the creation of air-conditioning systems. Therefore, the high demand for energy saving in construction led to the rapid development of the chiller market in China.
At the present moment the chillers of non inverter type are mainly represented in the Chinese market. Only a small part of the chiller uses AC-inverter technology and are equipped with induction motors. At this time GREE has mastered production of DC-inverter centrifugal chillers which have much higher energy efficiency.

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