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Gree U-poem

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12 May 2012
The company GREE Electric Appliances the world's largest manufacturer of air conditioning. It has developed an air conditioner U-poem with an  ultralow compressor G10. The new model has the highest energy efficiency and is already available in Russia.
"Wall mounted air conditioner U-poem, having reached the desired temperature in the room, consumes only 45 watts of power, it is even less than the usual light bulb! This is 30-40% less than other inverter air conditioners, "- says Vladimir Murashko, CEO of" EuroCLIMATE-region "(GREE official distributor in Russia).
High energy efficiency (the model belongs to a class «A + + +») is achieved by special modes of operation of the compressor G10. "At first, air-conditioning creates a certain temperature in the room, then the compressor starts to work less intensively, rotor speed is reduced, reaching extremely low values ​​of 1 Hz (one cycle per second). If necessary, the compressor accelerates again, then again goes to its minimum speed, "- explained Mr. Murashko.

Another distinctive feature of the model GREE U-Poem is effective design. The enclosure is designed in the concept of «U-design». To create such a body, in profile resembles the letter «U», GREE company implemented many advanced technological solutions: a unique mold for the manufacture of body parts by volume of formation, heat exchanger of a complex configuration, silent seven-speed blower, etc.
"Model GREE U-Poem is available in a rich red color that will not leave any consumer indifferent", - said Vladimir ants.
Manufacturer - GREE Electric Appliances Inc (China).
Price is  50 000 rubles and more.
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