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Gillette/P&G received Trane Energy Efficiency Leader Award

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25 October 2011
Trane, a leading global provider of indoor comfort systems and services and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, has presented Procter & Gamble with its “Energy Efficiency Leader Award” recognizing the company’s commitment to improving building performance and sustainability based on the results of the Gillette plant in Lodz, Poland. The Gillette plant is one of only a few manufacturing facilities worldwide to receive this award.

The plant in Lodz, the world’s largest Gillette razor manufacturing, packaging and warehousing facility, has completed energy saving infrastructure upgrades that significantly reduce energy use and increase uptime and reliability. The improvements also provide a safer, more comfortable and more productive environment for workers in the company’s manufacturing facility.

Infrastructure upgrades, completed in August 2010, have already saved hundreds of thousands of PLN in energy costs at the plant. Leaders selected a comprehensive, high efficiency solution that replaced the facility’s chilled water plant management system and controls. They expect to recoup their investment in infrastructure upgrades a little more than two years after completion.

Prior to selecting the infrastructure upgrades, Trane and Gillette used Trace™ 700 energy modelling software to weigh the merits of potential solutions with a lifecycle analysis model. Based on the results, Gillette chose solutions that would best fit their needs and would provide the critical stable temperature levels required to optimize production levels and comfort within the facility.

The upgraded systems provide better capacity control and the critical system reliability needed to maintain strict temperature control within the plant. The plant also committed to a continuous service and maintenance agreement to further reduce system inefficiencies and to prevent unplanned downtime.

Other efficiency improvements included implementation of variable flow drives and dry coolers for optimal performance. Upgrades also included extension of the free-cooling feature, which enables the ambient cold to be used for the cooling process, limiting the need to operate in compressor mode and reducing energy use.

“P&G is committed to environmental sustainability, and since 2002 our global energy usage is down 50 percent at our operational sites,” said Wysocki. “We are constantly looking for ways to positively influence energy efficiency levels, to help our business and to positively impact the environment.”

The completed upgrades are a key step in creating a high performance building, which takes a holistic-building approach to performance while creating spaces that are comfortable, safe, healthy and efficient. High performance buildings meet specific standards for energy and water consumption, system reliability and uptime, environmental compliance, occupant comfort and other factors. All standards are set to deliver established outcomes that help building owners and occupants achieve their business objectives.

P&G’s commitment to environmental sustainability is inspired by its purpose of touching and improving lives for now and for generations to come. These efforts help the company reach its goal of reducing energy usage per unit production by 20 percent from 2007-2012, which it is on track to deliver. The company has also committed to a long-term environmental sustainability vision, which includes powering all plants with 100 percent renewable energy.
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