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General starts a new educational season

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01 February 2012
A new educational season in the Training Centre of the group of companies "JAC", the general distributor of air conditioners General in Russia, has begun. In the season 2012 about 70 seminars on the General equipment is scheduled. To meet the demands of our partners some theoretical classes will be held at regional Russian centers. Other classes will be held in Moscow on the basis of the training center which belongs to the group of companies "JAC" There are all conditions not only for theoretical courses but also for practical training. In the classroom working models of General systems are installed. Work on these "training devices" can simulate different situations: typical problems and their solutions, diagnostics, training for installation and commissioning, start-up of the system as well as the final testing.

Approved training program of this year includes training on the most actual topics concerning the work with the industrial and semi-industrial equipment. The program will focus on multi-zone air-conditioning systems Airstage V II as well as last generation of multisplit systems Flexible Multi. Depending on the needs of students the classes may include common themes and highly specialized targeted at some group of professionals: designers, engineers, installers or service personnel.
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