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CarbonLight zero-carbon homes

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07 September 2011
Velux is an international company which is known as a roof windows manufacturer.

Now the company is searching for two test families to live in the CarbonLight zero-carbon homes that have been built in Rothwell, Kettering, for a 12-month period from March 2012.

The two semi-detached three- and four-bedroom homes were unveiled to the public in August. Now, Velux wants two families to help accurately monitor the homes' energy performance and quality of their indoor environment in real-life conditions. The CarbonLight Homes are expected to achieve at least a 70% reduction in carbon emissions on site.

The families will be required to record and review their time in the CarbonLight Homes while the building management systems, which regulate the homes' indoor climate, will also be used to collect information on the homes' energy and water use, temperature, air quality and daylight levels. This data will enable Velux to compare the homes' design targets against their actual performance, with the results fed back to the industry to help improve the sustainability of new homes.

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