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Michigan Push Energy Efficiency

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13:2004 December 2012

State Governor of Michigan Rick Snyder in an address this week put energy efficiency at the center of the U.S. state’s energy policy.

Snyder called for longer term, adjustable strategies to secure the State’s future energy needs and protect its natural environment. He stated in his address that energy efficiency is “the best example of a no-regrets policy Michigan can have.

"The reinvention of Michigan will not be complete without energy and environmental policies that make our state a place our children and grandchildren will still want to live, work and play. We must pursue policies that can adapt with the times while still offering solutions that will provide a future for our kids." 
The Governor believes it is critical that Michigan's energy costs become affordable for businesses as currently they have the highest electricity prices in the U.S. Midwest, with most of the U.S. enjoying lower prices.

Energy efficiency will mean expending less energy, saving customers money and better protecting the environment, while ensuring enough energy is available, leading to lower costs and better reliability.

Energy efficiency programs save on energy use and with the new state policies private financial institutions will make more than $68 million available for the next 12 months for energy efficiency improvements in buildings.

He added that current energy efficiency programs should lead to smarter spending decisions on energy efficiency instead of on new energy infrastructure in high-demand areas.
Snyder concluded: "We are committed to reinventing Michigan and must work to support and enhance our efforts to protect our environment and ensure our energy future. With the help of both the Legislature and citizens, we will realize our full potential."

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