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Solar power plant with Russian equipment

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15 November 2011

Italian company PRAMAC, a partner of a Russian company Hevel Solar, has signed a contract with Cooperativa Agro Verde for construction of the solar energy greenhouses in Gela (Italy).
This agreement is been presented in Verona during the Italian-Russian Forum on innovation. In this Forum there were the Subsecretary of Cultural Assets, the Senator Riccardo Villari and the Councillor of the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry for renewable energies, Professor Marino Massimo de Caro.
This project shows the possibility to associate experienced business of garden greenhouses of Agro Verde Cooperativa with the production of energy from renewable sources. The photovoltaic process uses PRAMAC last generation Thin-Film modules on an uncultivated area of 230 acres.
Based to this contract, PRAMAC Swiss will provide Thin-Film modules for a whole energy supply of 80 Megawatt.
The total established value of the contract amounts to EUR 280 million.

Hevel General director Eugeniy Zagorodniy said: "The Hevel strategy concerning foreign markets entering foresees the cooperation with the clients of Oerlikon Solar, among them Italian company Pramac with the annual capacity of 30 MW."

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