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Electrode steam humidifiers Polar Bear

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06 December 2011
The company "Arctic" started sales of a new generation of electrode steam humidifier series eSTEAM manufactured by Polar Bear. Humidifiers are issued in two versions: the basic model eSTEAM and without case OEM-eSTEAM.
New generation of humidifiers eSTEAM are designed for:
• air humidification in ventilation and central air-conditioning systems;
• air humidification directly in room with the help of fan steam distributors
• operation as a steam generator for Turkish baths (hamams) with the ability to connect an additional pump for flavor supply.
eSTEAM humidifiers can work both independently and in groups. When they are joined into a group the eSTEAM capacity reaches 288 kg/hour, the management of the whole group is fulfilled at one of the humidifiers.
Humidifiers operate under controller management with display and intuitively simple interface. The controller supports dual-channel regulation scheme, which allows simultaneous work with the room and channel sensors, thus the desired humidity in the room is being reached quickly and condensation in the supply air is eliminated at the same time by intensive humidifier operation. Humidifiers eSTEAM have a self-diagnostics system, control of operating parameters and may be connected to a Smart House szstem.
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