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Ekocars for the Novosibirsk region

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21 March 2012
Mobile waste collection places will be created in the Novosibirsk region. For this purpose more than 8 million rubles were allocated for 2012-2013, as the press service of the government in the region. "Ekocars" routes will be developed so that people could bring waste batteries, mercury containing items, etc., and not to throw the waste in landfills.

По Новосибирской области будут колесить «экомобили»
Items will be working in complex areas of collection, recycling and disposal of waste production and consumption. It is planned that this will take different kinds of waste, recyclable, or subject to mandatory recycling and disposal.
"They include paper, glass, mercury-containing waste, transport, etc.," - it is said in a statement.

Source: Siberian News Agency
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