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Autarkhome: sustainable floating passivhaus

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30 October 2012


A floating home, entirely self-sufficient and docked is situated in Maastricht, Netherlands. Designed by Pieter Kromwijk and referred to as Autarkhome, the solar-powered project was built to the Passivhaus standard and is 10 times more energy efficient than the average dwelling of similar size.
There are no dock connectors for energy or water; energy is provided by solar hot water collectors and solar PV, while water is processed through a built-in water treatment system.
Additionally, Autarkhome has a heat recovery ventilation system, EPS insulation, Mosa tiles, Desso carpet, and IKEA interior products.
The current plan is to mass-produce the home due to demand after showing the prototype, according to Renewable Energy Magazine.  The builder expects each home to take about four months to finish.
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