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Diesel pump stations

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20 August 2012

The company "EGM" presented diesel pump stations for the pipeline pressings.

Pumping units allow the testing of the local hydraulic pipeline, which means to control the process of pressing, to prevent large-scale pipeline breaks, and to reduce the time of the water absence. The pumps do not require electrical connections allowing to make the test in the absence of power supply. Mobile design allows to carry and to operate the installation in different parts of the pipeline, and it reduces greatly hardware costs and timing of works. Diesel pumping station is used for hydraulic testing and municipal pipelins emergencies.

Diesel pump stations are manufactured with modern domestic and foreign engines. Installation can be performed in 4 versions: open, with a cover, in a container, on the chassis. The use of special cover helps to reduce the noise level when using the installation and to protect the installation in a variety of weather conditions.

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