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Biokond dealer trip

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05 December 2011
Employees and partners of the company "Biokond", an official distributor of climate control systems Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Ltd. in Russia, returned from the traditional foreign dealer's Congress, which was dedicated to celebrating of the 15th anniversary of the group of companies "JAC" this year. This year is rich for significant events, in 2011 "Biokond" also celebrated the 10th anniversary of entry into the group of companies "JAC", which is the largest supplier of Japanese equipment into the Russian climatic market.

Traditionally, "Biokond" invited its best dealers to travel to various countries, for each trip special route exciting program were developed. During 10 years the company with the best partners visited many countries around the world: Japan, Vietnam, Andorra, Thailand, Nepal, China, etc. For this year's trip the United Arab Emirates were chosen. And that choice was not accidental. The country possesses great prospects and opportunities. Eastern fairy tale came true for only 35 years. Governors of the United Arab Emirates had a lot of wisdom because they could create this fairy tale in the middle of barren desert. A conservative Muslim country layed special stress on new technologies and has become one of the most modern and technologically advanced places on the planet during ten years.

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