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Daikin completed project in Yaroslavl

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09 August 2011

The largest perinatal center in the region was opened in Yaroslavl and was equipped with modern climatic equipment Daikin. The complex consists of 12 buildings and includes 1500 different rooms intended for assistance to pregnant women and newborns. Chillers with water cooling (Daikin EWLD260MBYNN) and with dry coolers (LU VE EHV90F364) were supplied according to the project. These devices use a single-screw compressor Daikin with a gradually variable efficiency, high reliability and a long trouble-free operation. Compressor overhaul and diagnostics are required not earlier than after 40 000 hours of continuous operation.

Chillers are characterized with small sizes, low noise, absence of vibration, and high-quality anti-corrosion coating of parts. They work on ozone-friendly refrigerant R-134a. Several units of this kind are combined into a single cooling station.

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