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Soudal Research Center

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03 August 2011

The Soudal company's management decided to establish a new Research and Development Center. The object has five floors and 3000 m2 area. Soudal is a leading manufacturer of polyurethane foam, sealants and adhesives, and roofing materials for professional and home use.  Annual turnover is 350 million euro. The Soudal staff numbers 1350 people. Factories are located in Belgium, Germany, Poland, Holland, USA, China, France and Chile.

Many experts note that Soudal determines long-term development directions of the global chemical and construction industries. The company was one of the pioneers of silicone as an alternative to glass putty. Soudal has invented many innovations such as "winter formula" of polyurethane foams and unique foam ‘Arctic’ which can operate at temperatures –25°C, etc.

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