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CAMUS presents new products

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29 February 2012
The Canadian company CAMUS hydronics ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of heating equipment market in the North American continent. It began its work in Russia in 2006.
In March 2012 the Canadian company CAMUS hydronics ltd. starts to supply of gas boilers series Dyna Flame to the Russian market .
Dyna Flame is a new series of advanced, high-performance boilers.
Dyna Flame Series has 16 boiler models with the power range from 124.5 to 1494.3 kW.

A special vertical performance of the boiler makes it especially compact. Now a boiler with the power of 1494.3 kW has an area of 1.0 square meters!
The weight of the boiler is 845.0 kg.
Dyna Flame boiler series have a classical closed combustion chamber. These boilers are available with a standard and a condensing heat exchanger. The fuel usage efficiency in the Dyna Flame series with a condensing heat exchanger is increased to 95% (Hs).
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