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Domestic boilers SAV produced by NPK "INERA"

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23 August 2011
Domestic induction boilers produced by NPK "INERA" save more than 20 % of energy in comparison with boilers with fire-bar element.  
Heating element is made in the shape of inductance coil and installed between two coaxial steel pipes. Water in the boiler is heated by Foucault currents in the pipe metal. Boiler power is about 2,5-100 kW, temperature of water can be regulated in the range of 10-90 oC.
Besides, influence of magnetic waves on the water changes ionic characteristics of hardness salts, that results to the absence of water scale. Durability of SAV boilers exceeds 30 years. Base model is completed with  controlling system, which consists of  command unit, water temperature sensor, air temperature sensor, start relay, and safety protection unit.
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