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Solar-cooled hotel rooms in Brazil

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27 September 2011

The Eco-hotel Pousada do Parque in Cuiabá, Brazil has been equipped with an adsorption chiller from the Berlin company Invensor GmbH.

With a cooling capacity of 10 kW, eight hotel rooms of the small lodge near Chapada dos Guimaräes National Park can now be air-conditioned by a wall cooling system that is constructed in a similar way to underfloor heating.

The chillers supplied by Invensor use zeolites as adsorbers, evaporating cold water using vacuum technology, and work with a driving temperature of 65 °C, which in this project is provided by 36 square metres of flat plate collectors and a 2000 litre buffer storage tank.

Sören Paulußen, Managing Director at Invensor, confirmed that there is specific demand for zeolite cooling technology internationally.

"Many international projects have already been realized and there are more to follow, currently in Northern Italy and Australia", he reported.


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