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Biokond invites to the training in Voronezh

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05 April 2012
The company "Biokond", the official distributor of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd., will held training for the professionals of the climatic firms in Voronezh and Lipetsk regions in April 9-10, 2012.
On the first day the profile seminar for technical specialists on the topic "Installation, commissioning, diagnostics and maintenance of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd VRF-systems» will be organized. The education will be conducted by the distributor technical specialists who improve annually their skills in training centers certified by the manufacturer and the Japanese corporation. After the seminar each participant will receive a personal certificate. The participation for the professionals of the Central Black Earth region climate market  is free of charge.
On the second day the conference for the sales staff, management team will be held. Its participants will be shown the new lineup MHI, explained the distributor's pricing policy in 2012, the new program of sales stimulation, the branding concept for the new season. The analysis of the climate of the Russian market and sales forecasts for 2012 will be presented by George Litvinchuk, the authoritative independent industry expert.
In addition the last season results will be summed up during the conference, the most outstanding results will be awarded with prizes. The event will end with the entertainment performances where the Comedy club residents are invited.
The pre-registration for the participation in the seminar and conference is required (participants quantity is limited). Applications should be sent to the email address All the details could be find here
Time and place of training: April 9-10, beginning at 11.00, Voronezh, Moscow avenue, 145, Park-hotel "Amaks", congress hall "Forum".
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