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Biogas produced of municipal waste

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08 December 2011
In Novokuznetsk the biogas will be roduced of municipal waste. It is the first project over the Urals, the results will help to develop a program for dump degassing in the Kemerovo Region and will be distributed all over the Siberian Federal District.
The recultivation works have began at a
closed dump in Novokuznetsk, during these works biogas production from the waste is planned. This gas previously often caused dump burning.
Specialists from the industrial and secondary resources
department of the Siberian State Industrial University have carried out technical requirements for the dump area preparation for the implementation of a pilot project for biogas production project and test 10 meter wells project.
In November 
three wells are scheduled to be drilled, in which special perforated pipes for biogas extracting from the dump body will be placed.
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