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Dyson Hot

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04 October 2011
Dyson fans have been keeping us cool bladelessly since 2009. But now James Dyson is bringing even more heat by releasing the new Dyson Hot, a bladeless space heater! The Dyson Hot fills a room with warm air faster than traditional space heaters, and it can even double as a fan in hotter months.

Using the same premise as their Air Multiplier fans, Dyson added a heating element which blows air over an aerofoil, filling a room with heat.  The Dyson Hot is safer and cleaner than a regular space heater. The ring shaped opening has low surface temperatures, and also doesn’t get dirty and dusty as there are no grilles (which can trap debris that can catch on fire). It also features an automatic thermostat and convenient remote control, and automatically turns itself off should it be knocked over.

The Dyson Hot was created to heat a room more efficiently than a conventional heater, saving both money and energy. Space heaters tend to just heat the immediate radius around them,  but the Dyson Hot projects heat to all areas of a room. It also has heat detecting technology- once set to the desired temperature, it monitors the air, and turns back on when the temperature drops.


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