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Condensing boilers action is prolonged

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08 August 2011
The BAXI company is holding a special action on wall-mounted domestic condensing boilers up to 33 kW in Russia in the period up to the 1st of January 2012. This action is aimed at promoting and further developing the condensing technology in Russia and stimulate sales of high-tech heating equipment. The retail price of gas wall condensing boilers domestic series Prime HT and LUNA-3 Comfort HT is reduced during the action at 15-25% (depending on model).

Condensing boilers have a number of important advantages:

The condensing boilers keep gas consumption up to 35% per year compared to the conventional boilers because they have a high efficiency (up to 110%).

The condensing boilers today are just one of the most environmentally friendly types of boilers because they have a low content of harmful substances (CO, NOx) in flue gases.

The only limiting factor of condensing boilers in Russia is their high price. BAXI hopes that this action will draw attention to condensing boilers not only of the assembling and trading organizations but also of an end user, and consequently will influence the market development of modern heating equipment.

There are more about the campaign on the company's website.

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