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Winter set for Ballu air conditioner

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28 October 2011

In spring 2011 Rusclimate Company included in the range of products a set which allowed to operate an air conditioner in winter till –30°C. The set is called "Winter set for BALLU air conditioner".

In May 2011 the tests of the new set were carried out in a laboratory of "Pravda design bureau" (Balahna). The company production is registered according to ISO 9000 and GOST RV 15.002

The purpose of the laboratory tests was to examine the effectiveness of the split systems BALLU, MIDEA, ELECTROLUX  with a preset "Winter set for BALLU air conditioner" by the outdoor temperature from –30°C till +40°С.

The tests were carried out in a 8 m3 heat pressure chamber in concordance with GOST 19.301–79 Testing program and methods.

Each split system was tested in several stages during several days:

• Minimal heat demand. Indoor temperature +20°C. Split system operated with a minimal preset temperature and at minimal fan speed of the indoor unit
• Nominal heat demand. Split system operated at maximum fan speed of the indoor unit. At the end of this period the air conditioner was stopped using remote control.
• Blowing off. The outdoor was purged by the maximal fan speed. The incoming air temperature of the indoor unit increased to 28°C. The blowing was necessary to bring the outdoor unit  nodes of the split-system to the initial state.
• Maximal heat demand. Split system operated with a maximal preset temperature and at maximal fan speed of the indoor unit.

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