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18 April 2012
One of the most striking innovations of the market of air conditioners in 2012 - a series of split systems BRAVO (BSQ) from a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment and aksessuarovBALLUINDUSTRIALGROUP. The device technology is different triangular air intake 3DInletAirFlowTechnology, cutting-edge design and energy efficiency (Class "A").
The continuous search for innovative solutions - the basis of long-term success BALLUINDUSTRIALGROUP. Staying true to its principles, a new series of air-conditioning company offered a radically new technology, a three-way air intake - 3DInletAirFlowTechnology.Vozduh BRAVOpostupaet air conditioners out of the room to the indoor unit, not only from the top, as in the case of traditional split systems, and on three sides at once, which improves the heat transfer and several times increases the intensity of cooling.
By developing an internal unit were involved in leading design companies. Smooth lines of the body, curved front panel and sleek design allows the device to adequately fit into any decor. BRAVO series models are presented in four colors: white, red, gold and silver.
Air-conditioning to cope effectively with the problems of cooling, heating, dehumidification and ventilation systems. If you need to achieve the desired temperature in a short time, you can choose to fast heating / cooling system (Super), and split-system, "speeding" up to full power in little time will solve the task.
There are also other features, including low-noise "Night mode" and automatic mode, thanks to which the device measures the temperature of the air and on this basis alone makes the choice in favor of heating or cooling. In the cold season feature "Hot Launch" translated by the air conditioner in heating mode, preventing the penetration of cold air into the room.
Split BRAVO - a highly reliable technique, which takes care of itself, but about your problem in a timely manner allows the user to know. After completion of the internal block makes automatic draining of the heat exchanger, preventing rotting process and eliminating odors, and a special indicator reminds you when it's time to clean the filter.
Cared about the health of developers and users. BRAVO-conditioner is really useful acquisition. The device is equipped with an ionization and a set of filters, "Catechin and Vitamin C".
Ionization cleanse the air of bacteria and dust, eliminates unwanted odors, relieves stress, reduces the risk of acute respiratory infections and other viral infections, maintaining a balance of negative and positive ions. Catechin filter also has an antibacterial effect, promotes the prevention of diseases of the respiratory system and fills the room with vitamin C.
BALLU always pays special attention to reducing energy consumption, so the series has the best energy efficiency high-class - "A". In accordance with the requirements of environmental protection, all models operate on R410A freon экологичномозонобезопасном.
BALLU - one of the most dynamic to date brands in the industry climate. For more than 10-year history, the company radically changed its presentation of a broad category of customers about the qualitative and functional technology, making the "ideal - real."
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