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JAC warns of counterfeit

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05 June 2012

Group of companies JAC, an exclusive distributor of Clint in Russia and the CIS countries, announced the discovery of falsification of climate systems Clint.

In particular, in late May, the party of cassette fan coil units (377 units) of unknown manufacture marked Clint was identified, which the customer who was sure he had acquires reliable equipment from a reputable European manufacturer, installed at one of its major facilities. Counterfeit technology was of an extremely poor quality, it led to problems and failures in the operation.

 JAC Technicians pointed to the owner at the obvious signs of fraud: the appearance of the equipment he had purchased was significantly different from the authentic fan coil Clint, the logo did not comply with the patented and wasa poor imitation. Thus, the buyer was misled, he suffered significant damage.

 JAC warns that by buying the equipment marked with the famous brand on unreasonably low price, the buyer runs the risk of poor quality or counterfeit goods, which has no relation to the original. Picture of climate systems Clint, logo, and all specifications can be found at

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