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ACM Kalte Klima on the Russian market

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29 May 2012

The Russian market of equipment for central air conditioning is now developing intensively. Along with the well-known companies new businesses say about themselves and they offer competitive equipment, which is in no way inferior and on a number of indicators superior than popular brands. One of such companies is an Italian company ACM Kalte Klima, the equipment is made in accordance with the quality system ISO 9000 and certified by Rostest.

ACM was established in 1987 by a group of specialised engineers.
Over the years, the company has acquired a reputation, both on the domestic and international markets, as a reliable manufacturer of air-conditioners, chillers, roof-top units and in general any compressor driven machinery for air-conditioning and process-cooling.

Since January 2004, the company ACM has been run by CARLA FORNASIERO. Carla has long-standing experience in the industry, an experience partly acquired over long periods of work spent in Germany, and an experience that was fundamental in helping renew the image with a trademark that denotes an even stronger European vocation.
In January 2004, ACM in fact decided to extend its company name to "ACM Kälte Klima".
Company facilities

ACM Kälte Klima has a production facility of over 3.500 mq situated in the Industrial Zone of Azergrande (on the east side of the city of Padova) complete with modern office facilities including:

    sales department capable of communicating in various languages.
    engineering department with the capability to design standard or special cooling equipment depending on different customer requirements (temperature, dimensions, etc.), as well as an organised testing by capable of testing all the units manufactured according to the conditions determined by the customer.

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