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'How we were' - Giacomini Giacoqest

  • Giacomini Giacoqest is a PEX based system for heating applications and sanitary distribution. Giacomini engineered Giacoqest with the installer's needs well in mind: it is a simple, safe, user friendly and quick system, with four pipe diameters only. Giacoqest components: - A very recognizable and easy to store pipe, in 4 standard diameters 3/8' ?' ?' 1' - Corresponding crimp rings - Giacoqest fittings Few are the tools needed for the Giacoqest system: - Pipe cutter - Crimping tool - Go-no go checking gauge Do take a look at the video tutorial to see how easy it is to use Giacomini Giacoqest! Giacomini Giacoqest: a user friendly, quick and guaranteed solution. Once again, Giacomini with the installer in mind. Опубликовано: 8 лет назад
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