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KSB pumps for food and beverages

  • Refreshing soft drinks, beer, milk and even chocolate – KSB pumps cover all requirements in the food and beverage industry. Have a look and get to know the VITA pumps for Life Science Applications! Any product used in the food and beverage industry needs to satisfy highest standards of hygiene. At the same time, the gentle handling of liquids and highly viscous fluids is an important quality criterion. High-quality materials suitable for hygienic applications, CIP and SIP capabilities make pumps and valves by KSB Company the key components of any sterile process. The VITA pumps range: Vitachrom: Service-friendly, non-priming close-coupled single-stage hygienic pump in back pull-put design for all sterile processes. Vitalobe: Sturdy rotary lobe pump for gentle handling of sensitive or high-viscosity fluids Vitastage: Multistage centrifugal pump in close-coupled design for vertical or horizontal installation, for hygienic requirements Vitacast: Energy-efficient maintenance-friendly volute casing pump for all sterile processes Vitaprime: Self-priming, versatile side channel pump for sterile processes Technical details on Follow us: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LINKEDIN: GOOGLE+: NEWSLETTER: Опубликовано: 7 лет назад
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