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HPK-L - hot water and heat transfer fluid pump by KSB

  • Proven in operation and continuously optimised: the latest generation of the HPK-L hot water and heat transfer fluid pump! The pump can be operated at extremely high temperatures – entirely without additional cooling devices. Thanks to its robust and continuously improved design, it offers excellent operating reliability. Offering reliability as well as saving energy is child's play for our HPK-L. KSB specialists have further improved the hydraulic section to ensure high efficiencies. The comprehensive selection chart and trimming the impeller to the required operating point as standard enables operation of the HPK-L close to the hydraulic optimum. Using the HPK-L with the innovative KSB SuPremE® motor in combination with the wall-mounted or cabinet-mounted PumpDrive variable speed system allows you to get the best out of your system - whatever the load profile. This configuration means that HPK-L is already operating at IE4 level (as per IEC (CD) 60034-30 Ed. 2). See for yourself! Follow us: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: LINKEDIN: GOOGLE+: NEWSLETTER: Опубликовано: 7 лет назад
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