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10th Anniversary International specialized Forum PCVExpo’2011 / Pumps. Compressors. Valves. Actuators and Engines

31.10.2011 - 03.11.2011 Crocus Expo Exhibition Center, Moscow

PCVExpo-2011 is one of the most important events for the industry. Over 300 exhibitors from 20 countries demonstrate the latest trends in hydraulic machines design, innovative compressor technique, pipeline valve and fittings, seals, actuators and engines. Trade fair unites total range of pumps, compressors, valves, actuators and engines. PCVExpo-2011 means huge scientific and technical conferences, seminars, workshops and presentations along with exhibition anniversary celebrations will entertain guests from oil and gas, energetics, chemistry and petro chemistry etc. and participants during the exhibition. PCVExpo-2011 means the best advertising and PR campaign for promotion and selling your products: placement the information about your company in the exhibition catalogue and on the site, in mass media, TV and specialized magazines. PCVExpo-2011 offers exclusive sponsorship package, which could be individual according to the purposes of your exhibiting and specifics of your products. PCVExpo-2011 is target customers – professionals from 15 000 leading companies. For visitors’ invitation we use our own exclusive data bases and branch contents. We know your potential customers by names, we cooperate with them on our exhibitions for many years.