Plumbing. Heating. Conditioning. Energy Efficiency.

15.11.2011 - 18.11.2011
Exhibition Sections:

    Scientific and technical developments, projects, reference documentation for water supply and sewerage economy
    Monitoring of water supply objects
    Water treatment
    Intake and treatment of natural water technologiesа at waterworks
    Effective means of portable water quality improvement
    Industrial and municipal water supply systems
    Industrial and municipal water drainage systems
    Sewerage treatment technologies
    Dehydration and sediments utilization
    Water supply and water drainage automation systems
    Exploitation and repair of water and sewerage networks
    Specialized machinery, devices, tools and inventory for water and sewerage economy plants and sanitary engineering services
    Individual protection means
    Pipeline armature
    Sanitary equipment
    Water consumption control and account devices
    Autonomous systems of water supply and sewerage of municipal and industrial purpose
    Ecology of water consumption
    Household filters, devices and installations for additional water treatment